EIR team fully exposes Joe Lieberman's love affair with the Cheneys and William F. Buckley (Is Goebbels On Your Campus? Youth Vo

29 de octubre de 2006

<body><p align="left"> <strong><br />IS GOEBBELS ON YOUR CAMPUS?</strong> </p><p align="center" class="articleTitle"><br />Youth Vote Decisive<br />In Defeating Joe Lieberman</p><p class="articleText">(Reprinted with permission of <em>Executive Intelligence Review</em> )</p><p align="left">by Michele Steinberg and an EIR Research Team</p><p>When Lynne Cheney and her Dick want a dirty job done in Washington, they invariably have turned to "Neo-con" Joe Lieberman. The 2006 midterm election, where the Cheneys are desperate to destroy the Democratic Party and hold on to their dictatorship, is no exception.<br />). And there is every reason to push this campaign into high gear.</p><p>This report on Senator Lieberman is a lifeline to American voters, which documents:</p><ul><li>How Lieberman—along with Big Sister Lynne Cheney—is a key figure in the Nazi-style intimidation and repression on college campuses.<br /></li><li>How Lieberman was put into the Senate by the financial support of William F. Buckley, and Cuban exiles in Florida linked to terrorist networks, which have enjoyed the protection of the Bush Administration.<br /></li><li>How Lieberman served as Dick Cheney's "protection racket" in Congress throughout 2002, and with the 2004 founding of the Committee on the Present Danger, to keep the Democratic Party from investigating Cheney's crimes in launching the unjustified, and unjustifiable Iraq war.<br /></li><li>Lieberman's role as the right-wing puppet of organized crime/dirty money interests laundered through the notorious Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) to run a fascist penetration of the Democratic Party.<br /></li><li>How Lieberman's campaign is directly backed by the top ranks of the Republican Party and White House "inner circle," and through the GOP front group Vets for Freedom Action Fund, which is modelled on the Swift Boat Veterans' attack on John Kerry in 2004.</li></ul><p class="h4nocolor"><br />Lieberman and the Cheneys</p><p>No one should doubt that Sen. Joe Lieberman, the co-founder of the campus gestapo, the American Council of Trustees and Alumni (ACTA) with "Sister Cheney," is a fascist. For example, on Oct. 12, at a Republican fundraising event in Kansas—nominally for Republican Congressional candidate Jim Ryun, Cheney praised Lieberman to the skies. Cheney covered up the fact that it was the voters of Connecticut who rejected Lieberman, and lied that Lieberman was "purged" from the party.</p><p>Joe is "one of the most loyal and distinguished Democrats of his generation," Cheney said. "Joe is also an unapologetic supporter of the fight against terror.... He voted to support military action in Iraq when most Senators in both parties did the same—and he's had the courage to stick by that vote even when things got tough. And now, for that reason alone, the Dean Democrats have purged Joe Lieberman from the Democratic Party."</p><p>If "The Kiss" by George W. Bush—a short video of Bush giving a kiss of gratitude to Lieberman at the State of the Union speech in Congress, defeated Lieberman in the August Democratic primary, then "The Embrace" from Cheney should sink him, and help elect a real Democrat to the Senate.</p><p>Lieberman's service to Synarchist interests behind the Cheneys include:</p><ul><li>Creating the Goebbels police state on campuses. In 1995, Lieberman and "Big Sister" Lynne Cheney founded an overtly McCarthyite agency in ACTA, which, since 9/11 has carried out a vicious campaign of slander and financial warfare against any academics who dare to even question the Iraq war, or the coming war against Iran, or other frauds carried out in the name of the war on terrorism. The ACTA campaign went into overdrive in late 2001, when it published a blacklist of 40 academics.<br /><br />As EIR's exposé,warned, "If you dare to oppose the Cheney war on Iraq and other manifestations of the neo-conservative brand of universal fascism, then you may soon find yourself in the cross-hairs of this gang of wanna-be Himmlers and Goerings. If you are an Arab-American student or professor, or a Middle East scholar, on the campus of an American university, invaded by this Gestapo, you may find yourself the victim of hooligan attacks by vigilante squadristi, or the target of a campaign to have your tenure revoked."<br /><br />Writing about Lieberman and ACTA, on Dec. 20, 2001, Connecticut's leading newspaper, the Hartford Advocate, titled its scathing editorial, "Joe McCarthy Lieberman?" The paper wrote: "When Republican Sen. Joseph McCarthy stood in front of Congress, Feb. 20, 1950 ... claiming he had proof that 81 State Department employees were Communists, it guaranteed for all time that he would be remembered as an enemy of free speech and free association. Similarly, Lieberman, who sits on the advisory board of the American Council of Trustees and Alumni, which released a report that criticizes universities for evidence of anti-Americanism during the current war in Afghanistan, may be enhancing his chances of being remembered by posterity as the Censorship King."<br /><br />Commenting on the same ACTA report, San Jose State University professor Roberto J. Gonzalez wrote in the San Jose Mercury News Dec. 13, 2001, that ACTA's witchhunt "is not patriotism, but fascism." And, on Dec. 14, 2001, the National Catholic Reporter named Lynne Cheney and Joe Lieberman, stating that the ACTA report was indicative of "a dangerous fervor stalking the country, a fervor intolerant of questions...."<br /><br />But it has gotten far worse. Today, the spawns of the ACTA apparatus openly call on university campuses for the mass murder of Muslims, and for bombing Muslims, the way we used a nuclear bomb against Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. (See first-hand account.)<br /></li><li>In June, 2004, it was Lieberman who delivered the keynote speech to the relaunching of the Committee on the Present Danger (see article), which advocates preventive war—including nuclear strikes—against Iran, or other countries targetted by neo-conservative lies.<br /></li><li>Lieberman has protected Cuban exile terrorists. Since the 1980s, Lieberman has played an active role in the protection of Cuban terrorists linked to the machine of the late Cuban "Godfather" Jorge Mas Canosa. The "Bay of Pigs" right-wing Cuban exiles around Mas Canosa provided the vital infusion of quick money to Lieberman's 1988 Senate campaign, and he has retained ties to them ever since. This Miami Cuban exile community saw some of the filthiest post-war intelligence operations, including the Kennedy assassination and the later drug-running "Contra" escapades. Its hard core came out of the Meyer Lansky organized crime operations in Havana.<br /><br />Lieberman himself said of his 1988 campaign, "Jorge Mas Canosa and I really just struck it off." The relationship endured: During the 2000 campaign, the "Free Cuba PAC" (linked to Mas Canosa's Cuban American National Foundation) gave at least $10,000 to Lieberman, and Mas family members gave him more. "No Republican ... can show a better voting record on Cuba than Lieberman," said Gus Garcia, the vice-chairman of Miami's Dade County, Florida Democratic Party, at that time.<br /><br />In her book "Cuba Confidential," investigative reporter, Ann Louise Bardach reports that Cuban American National Foundation spokesman Jose Cardenas said: "One of our great successess was getting rid of Lowell Weicker [a moderate Republican] and getting Joe Lieberman instead. Joe's been great for us." Among the "great" services that Joe was rumored to have provided, was cover for Mas Canosa's work to defend the Novo brothers—Guillermo and Ignacio—who had been accused of killing Chilean Ambassador Orlando Letelier in 1976. Another service was to lobby Attorney General Janet Reno in the 1990s to prevent the prosecution of Mas Canosa crony, Francisco "Pepe" Hernandez, president of the Cuban American National Foundation.</li></ul><p class="h4nocolor">Campus Gestapo Supports Mass Murder</p><p></p><p>Joining Brook at the podium were the leading lights of the Lieberman/Cheney Goebbels apparatus: Daniel Pipes, head of Campus Watch, and Robert Spencer, head of Jihad Watch, both fanatical Islam- and Arab-haters; and Flemming "Flaming' Rose, the cultural editor of the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, who led a deliberate campaign of provocation against Muslims worldwide, by soliciting and publishing derisive and obscene cartoons depicting the prophet Mohammed. One after the other, the speakers called for mass annihilation of Muslim people in the "war on terrorism," and ridiculed anyone who said that it is required in a just war to avoid killing of civilians, women, and children.</p><p>These are the fruits of the Lieberman/Cheney Goebbels apparatus on American campuses for the last 11 years. It is time to get rid of them, and a good start is to defeat Lieberman on Nov. 7.</p><p> <em>Research by Aaron Yule, William Wertz, George Canning, Scott Thompson, Jeffrey Steinberg, Tony Chaitkin, Mark Bender, and Edward Spannaus contributed to this report.</em> </p></body>