Horowitz Unanimously Rejected in Pennsylvania

1 de diciembre de 2006

<body><div class="right_col_box" id="article"><h1><br />Horowitz Unanimously Rejected in Pennsylvania</h1><p class="byline">by Michael Kirsch</p><p>The network of fascist bankers destroying the United States suffered a major set back last Tuesday, Nov 21 st, when one of their henchmen, David Horowitz, was rejected by the State of Pennsylvania in his drive for what he calls “Academic Freedom,” but in fact is a nationwide Gestapo-like operation to suppress student political activity. This operation is being orchestrated top down by the John Train, Lynne Cheney, and William F. Buckley apparatus. Understanding how this came about is crucial for continuing the fight.</p><p>As covered in the LaRouche PAC pamphlet, <em>Is Joseph Goebbels on Your Campus</em> , David Horowitz has been pushing a nationwide campaign for “Academic Freedom”; however, he set his sights on the "test case" in Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania House Select Committee on Academic Freedom in Higher Education was created by Republicans--the former majority in the Pennsylvania legislature—at the prompting of David Horowitz. The committee held hearings where stooges for Lynne Cheney and Horowitz alleged that abuses by teachers required the state adopt a Goebbels-like misnamed "Academic Freedom" code. What are these abuses? Actions such as criticizing the Iraq War and the Bush Administration. With a rabid sophistry that only the modern Baby Boomer would fall for, Horowitz scoffed at questions regarding <em>his</em> political motives, lying that he was only trying to uphold the standard of education, and keep "politics" out of the classroom.</p><p>In the weeks leading up to the Nov. 7 th midterm Election, the LYM intervened on college campuses across the country with 750,000 copies of the LPAC pamphlet, exposing the fascist bankers' push to create a campus/media Gestapo to suppress all dissent against the establishment of a fascism. From coast to coast, in the months leading up to the election, the LYM worked relentlessly to mobilize the youth of the United States against the fascist bankers' apparatus that had been created by Venetian-style banker John Train, and "Sister’’ Lynne Cheney, the Vice President’s wife, to turn the post-9/11 United States into a police state. Horowitz, claiming no political agenda, was swiftly exposed, as a leading edge of this whole dirty operation. The LPAC pamphlet has been circulated by the LYM in Alabama, California, Connecticut, Georgia, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Washington State, Ohio, Michigan, Missouri, Texas, Maryland, the District of Columbia, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire, to name the main areas of concentration.</p><p>On Tuesday, Nov. 28, in the wake of the Nov. 7 th landslide against the Bush Administration, of which the Campus Gestapo sought to defend, the Pennsylvania Legislature's Committee delivered its final report; they unanimously rejected Horowitz's demands. The committee even deleted from the final report, the entire "testimony" that had been given by the Horowitz/Cheney activists at the Committee's hearings. The report says:</p><p>"Based on testimony provided at the four public hearings, the Select Committee came to a general consensus that legislation requiring the adoption of a uniform statewide academic freedom policy, which was referenced by several testifiers, was {not} necessary.... The Committee received testimony from each sector of public higher education and determined that academic freedom violations are rare."</p><p>On the <em>FrontPage</em> Magazine website, a front group for Horowitz, he raged against what he called "the breathtaking audacity of the theft of the report by the Democrats and the unions." He attacked the majority of Republicans on the committee as, "spineless."</p><p>Days later, in an attempt to regain his standing, Horowitz rushed to Sean Hannity for a Fox News-sponsored debate at George Washington University against the sluggish Baby Boomer Professor Ward Churchill. One might ask whether Horowitz was so frantic from his defeat, that he failed to notice the crashing of Fox’s ratings since the landslide against the Bush Administration. Or perhaps it was the vanishing of his power of intimidation that left only the partisan Fox News willing to aid the disgruntled Horowitz in his attempt to rebuild the credibility of his fascist movement for academic censorship. Either way, the world of Horowitz has flipped over, and what was once up, is now down.</p><p>Worse still for Horowitz, are the now millions of college and other youth who know the real story; that a top down operation exists to control the college newspapers, the “alternative media,” and every lecture, or club on campus. LaRouche’s call to arms broke through the secrecy of this operation; however, this fight has just begun.</p><p>Professors and students who found David Horowitz, ACTA, and Campus Watch groups offensive to free political discussion on their campus, were shocked to discover the truth that they were in fact a leading arm of a fascist banker apparatus, including influentials such as John Train, William F. Buckley, Irving Kristol, etc. The decisions of citizens to act against them, was transformed from consequences seemingly isolated to the campuses, to a grander strategic fight, elevated in its impact to defeating the controllers of the Bush Administration, and determining the globally significant national election.</p><p>Now, this very same fascist apparatus behind the policies of the Bush Administration is intent on unleashing hell and chaos with an Iran war in hopes to maintain control as the global financial system disintegrates. Whether the incoming Congress rises to its historic responsibility in taking emergency economic action to stop further imperial wars, will be determined by whether the true enemies that must be challenged in defending the United States are made clear by a continued fight against them. The question remains: Will those youth and professors who worked in concert with Lyndon LaRouche and the LYM now use the power they demonstrated in the weeks leading up to the midterm election to escalate the fight against the controllers of Horowitz, the enemies of the United States?</p></div></body>