Lyndon LaRouche to Give International Webcast Nov. 16th: Organizing the Recovery from the Great Crash of 2007

1 de noviembre de 2006

<body><div class="right_col_box" id="article"><p class="vbreak" style="height:15px;"></p><h1 align="center">Lyndon LaRouche to Give International Webcast<br />Nov. 16th:<br />Organizing the Recovery from the Great Crash of 2007</h1><div class="wide_img_box"></div><p class="vbreak" style="height:20px;"></p><p class="articleText">Nov. 1—Lyndon LaRouche's Political Action Committee announced today that it will hold its first post-election webcast on November 16, originating from Washington, D.C. The theme will be "Organizing the Recovery from the Great Crash of 2007." It will thus continue the focus of the two webcasts LaRouche conducted from Berlin, on Sept. 6 and Oct. 31, which honed in on the requirements for launching a Eurasian recovery. The Nov. 16 event, will be even more structured, in order to focus on a series of major international policy issues which represent the agenda for the new incoming U.S. Congress.</p><p class="articleText">The webcast event will begin at 1 pm. Eastern Standard Time.</p><p class="articleText">As usual, the webcast will feature international dialogue, including with parallel meetings in Berlin, and other world capitals, as feasible.</p><p class="articleText">The webcast will be able to be accessed live at in several languages, including English, Spanish, German, and Italian, at a minimum.</p><p class="articleText">For more information, call 1/800-929-7566.</p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p></div></body>