Flash: Your Congressman is home for the week. The LYM and you must be out in full force.

18 de febrero de 2007

Flash: Your Congressman is home for the week. The LYM and you must be out in full force.

This week is the "Presidents Day District Work Period" for Congress. This means your Congressmen will be speaking at a number of Town Hall Meetings and other events over the next week. The question is: Will you kick your Congressmen in the butt and give them an "uplifting" experience this week, so that when they return to DC next week, they will be prepared to hand Dick Cheney his walking papers?

The LYM is doing just that. But, to accomplish the mission of our great republic, we need your help! We are finely tuning our study of physical science with continued work on Johannes Kepler and Bach, teaching Congressmen and their staffers Kepler's method right in the halls of the Capitol, and deploying choruses throughout cities in the US. LaRouche has thrown down the gauntlet; if the 110th Congress is going to lead this nation out of the presently looming crisis, they must first master Kepler's method. To provide the optimism to tackle the challenges we face, the LYM will deploy our knowledge of Kepler's mind into upcoming district events along with political canons and Bach.

The task at hand is locating all the different venues where Congressmen will be speaking, and then intervening with sharp questions and polemics to 'kick' our leadership into high gear. We need your help in locating these town hall meetings and various other events. To find these events, or set up an event with the LYM, you can call your Congressman, or go to. When you find an event, call or email us immediately. If the LYM is in striking distance, we will be there. For those who live in areas out of our blast radius, we have listed a number of links to relevant press releases and articles that you can print out and distribute at the events.

This is an all hands on deck deployment!

--Lym War Room

Kepler Press release:

LaRouche's latest:

The Emergency Recovery Act, on saving the collapsing US auto industry:

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