More Cheney Warmongering Against Iran

4 de noviembre de 2007

November 4, 2007 (LPAC)--Dick Cheney has been on the road this week, promoting war against Iran. During a speech in which he peddled the line that we are winning the war in Iraq and are also winning the Global War on Terrorism, Cheney uncorked on Iran. Speaking to the World Affairs Council in Dallas on Nov. 2, Cheney accused Iran of seeking to enrich uranium for nuclear weapons, to topple the government of Lebanon, is supporting insurgents inside Iraq and Afghanistan and of pledging to destroy Israel. He claimed that the US is trying to resolve the issue diplomatically but "The president has made it clear that we have taken no options off the table. It's the only responsible position for him to take." While claiming that no one wants issues with Iran resolved in any way other than peacefully "in the final analysis, the worst outcome would be a situation in which Iran is sort of set loose, if you will, in that part of the world with an inventory of nuclear weapons prepared to be used against other nations in the region, or to dominate that part of the globe and to threaten not only the United States, but many of our friends and allies out there, as well." Briefed on Cheney's latest tirade, Lyndon LaRouche observed that, while we do not have any immediate evidence that an order has been issued to bomb Iran, we clearly see that Cheney and his backers have the disposition to go to war against Iran, and are building up a propaganda barrage for such an attack. Can it be stopped? LaRouche said it clearly can be stopped, but that is going to require a concerted effort, and not with second-guessing, or tea-leaf reading about how to interpret Cheney's words.